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Thursday, November 3, 2011


OMG! This book is getting closer and closer to showing who is going to be the winner. It makes you think about what is going to happen next chapter after next. So I remember promising you all to tell you the details of this chapter on my last post so get ready.. Put on your seat bealts if you think you are going to get out of your sit. How about Katniss is kissing Petta in this chapter but she is supposed to be madly in love with Gale? Smells fishy huh ? Believe it or not Katniss kissed Petta a few times in this chapter makes you think if she like Petta or if she is still holding her ground to Gale? The thing about this "Love Triangle" that is going around is what if they are the last people left? That question has been in my head for a long time, because if they were the only ones left and two people can win the prize now.. Who would win? Or who would Katniss rather have win and be by her side till the end of this game ? So many questions and details ring in my head, makes me want to just go ahead and read the rest and let my followers know these details. Well we will just have to wait till the next to know. I know ,I know , I want to know the rest to but that will just ruin the next post we gossip about . Trust me this is something to look forward to.


  1. IKR!! the book just keeps you guessing and guessing of what will happen next. the suspence is killing me.

  2. Ikr if Katniss is supposed to be in love with Gale then why is she kissing Peeta. She dosn't even try to get away, she goees straight into kissing him. I wonder howe Gale feels about this.

  3. Omll ! Gale, because it seems like she would haves better chance with him, they both. LOVE to hunt, and yeah.